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Professor Petros D. Selekos is a Doctor of Law (summa cum laude), at Law, Economics and Political Sciences University of Athens and is admitted to the Bar of Athens. He has initially studied Law in Athens Law School, then Company Law, Law of Intellectual Property, Law of Competition and Business Law in Munich - Max Planck Institute. Petros is the author of the book The trade register in the example of Registry SA (PhD thesis) and of numerous other articles and publications on various legal matters of commercial, corporate and competition law that were published both in Greece and abroad.


In 1996 Petros was hired as a lawyer, at the Secretariat of the Competition Commission, where he co-worked both to prepare Papers’ series of that secretariat and for drafting proposals against appeals, which were discussed before the Board of Appeal of Athens and directed against decisions of the Competition Commission.


From March 1997 to March 1999 Petros held the position of legal advisor to the Ministry of Development (General Secretariat of Commerce Ministry of Development), while from March 1999 to May 2000, he held the position of legal adviser Minister of Public Order. In his former position he has worked closely with the Ministers for the promulgations of Laws and Regulations, the issue of bank insolvency matter, consumer protection, while in the latter position he has been reviewing EU public procurement rules etc.


Since autumn of 1997, he is actively practicing law in Athens Greece being a Partner of “Selekos-Gouskou and Associates Law Offices” specialized in business (Corporate and Commercial), Investment (Public and Private) Financial Law. From December 2000-2019, held the position of legal advisor and manager on judicial affairs in courts of "Greek Post SA" (ELTA), while from May of 2002 until June 2003 he participated to the Permanent Legislative Committee of the Ministry of Public Order.


Furthermore, in June 2011 Petros was appointed for almost 4 years as a Secretary General for Strategic and Private Investments of the Ministry of Development and Competitiveness and worked on Development Law’s Issues, Investments’ Files etc. Petros is admitted before the Supreme Court of Justice.

Prof. Petros Selekos
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