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We undertook the review of 150 Corporate cases on behalf of a companies’ loans and credits portfolio Servicer, including files indexation and documentation completeness, as well as a thorough legal Due Diligence based on provided documentation, including a recoverability estimation.

More specifically, we reviewed and assessed the file completeness, the enforceability of the Servicer’s claims and prepared a template showing, apart from the review point’s outcome, the best recovery option on the best estimate basis depending on the quantity, quality, accuracy and recency of critical information available.

Moreover, we executed a write off policy review, by scrutinizing the respective write-off policy document created and provided by the Servicer and we provided recommendations as to its completeness (e.g. reasons for write-off, procedures to be undertaken prior to obtaining write-off approval, authority for write-off, retention periods, write-off reporting, etc.), its adherence to best practices as well as performed a number of validation checks to inform our assessment and recommendations accordingly.

NPLs Due Diligence and Assessment
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